Frequently Asked Questions

Why will company give me work?

Outsourcing is the Mantra of today. If you work helps anyone to grow their business / online presence, they are more than eager to reward you handsomely. Even after paying you handsomely, companies will save a huge amount they otherwise would have spent in fixed overheads and running’s costs.

Can I do it from anywhere?

Yes,one can work from any location worldwide. All that is required is access to internet.

Is this a referral or chain marketing system?

NO! You don't have to make any referrals under you. This is a purely a working relation between you and the company. No one gets a share out of the income which you make. You don't have to join anybody.

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How much time I need to put in?

Though many of the online work options have a high income potential, but we always categorize this as a part time work. There is no need / compulsion for you to leave what you are already doing. Just work sincerely in whatever free time you have. Results can be amazing!

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Do I have to meet someone?

NEVER! This is purely an Online Work and at no point of time you will be required to do the same.

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 Do I require some kind of technical knowledge?

Not essentially. You should be comfortable with Internet. There is no programming to be done

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